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Good for you for keeping them all in one place.
Wish Susan Ford still operated her site; there were some
good recipes there...which you probably have! g
The Hershey's Chewy Chocolate Cookie recipe is from their
public offerings; my only claim on the recipe is to make it
rarely and eat 'em quickly. ;-P
Thanks, Roberta!

Ragmop/Sandy---quilting (too hot to cook)

"Roberta Zollner" wrote in message
I sort of wanted permission from people who posted recipes to the group.

at least to hear if any recipe owner did NOT want her (or his) creation on
the site. I would surely give credit where due. So I guess they can go up
after a few days unless somebody protests. After all, the owners did put
them out here for all of us at some point.
Roberta in D

"Debbi" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Go for it! I too have some in a folder. Would love to have them web

that I will have access after computer decides to crash someday.

Debbi in SO CA

"Roberta Zollner" wrote in message
For quite some time now, I have been moving most recipes that appear

to an email folder marked Food. It's just drag and drop with OE, very
simple, which means they get saved just as they were sent to the ng.
Do any of you object if these recipes should appear on Alice's site?

ever sent a recipe to the group, it might be in my folder. What's the

Roberta in D