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[email protected] August 5th 19 06:12 AM

Corduroy Fetish??
Aug 4, 2019

I love corduroy pants as well
from medium wale to fine wale
some wide wales.
I like mens used corduroy pants
I bought alot of them from
working at Value Village .

They were all nice and great for
wearing and humping with.

I've seen handsome men in their
50s wear nice corduroy pants
the kind I would want to wear
they were nice

I'd stare for hours looking at
the corduroy butt and mesmerised
by it .

Younger guys in their 30s 40s
as well.

I also love mens Levis jeans
of any style

I buy alot of mens used
corduroy pants from ebay ,
there all nice to wear

In junior high and high school
I would go into to the guys
locker room and hump on
corduroy pants during P.E
or during basket ball or
volley ball , track and field

Sometimes hump a male school
teachers corduroy pants

Daryl S , Canada

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