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Martin Combs May 2nd 04 06:52 PM

Looking for feedback on hard lay 3 strand cotton cord
As some of you out there know the search for a good cord can be frustrating
and having to settle for whatever is available a lot of times does not
produce the desired results. I have been looking for a good hard lay cotton
cord to offer for sale and may have found a manufacturer that can produce
the desired cord, I would like to offer this cord but in order to get a
cord of this quality it will require a production run of at least 500
pounds, the cord that I am thinking about is the size #120 for those of you
that have purchased this in the past from me. The Industry standard is a
medium lay cord which depending on the maufacturer is usually a little to
soft for the type of projects that knot tyers like to do. I had a good
company in the past which was First Washington Net but they sold out to
Sampson Cordage and now that company has sold out to another and is not
produceing the desired quality that I like ( I use this stuff myself and am
very picky when it comes to the cord that I use). It would be on 5 pound
spools and I should be able to offer it for the same price that I have been
selling it for ($38.50 per 5 pound spool 830 feet per spool). I'd like to
get an idea of the demand for this cord before I make the investment in a
production run. If you could help me know what the possible demand would be
for this cord I would appreciate it. If this works out I might be able to
get some of the smaller cords also in a hard lay.

Martin Combs

T J Bartruff May 2nd 04 11:22 PM

Hey Marty
Count me in for at least 2 spools, and some of the smaller stuff too when

T J Bartruff

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