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November 11th 03, 12:37 AM
I finally heard back from Waugh Company regarding the jar seals.

The reply I received follows.

Dear Wayne,

We do not have any USA Distributors. If you could find someone to be a
Distributor to your list of Potters, we would be happy to supply our product
which is popular in New Zealand. Cost would depend on volume and method of
freight. We have costed small amounts by mail to USA at US$1.25 per packet
of 25 covers, including postage. ($5.00 for 4 pkts).



If anyone would like to order some, please let me know. I am trying to get
enough orders to save a bit on postage, perhaps order a case. This would
depend on what you feel your orders would be, should you decide to start
selling jelly/jam jars. You might consider
bumping the price to reflect the cost of the seals, and include a packet
with each jar.

Wayne Seidl