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August 20th 03, 05:29 AM
I volunteer during the summer months at our local pioneer village in a
pottery studio I set up each year.
This weekend was their first (of many I hope) 1812 re-enactment. They had
living history re-enactors from all over south western Ontario (about 80
people adults and kids) camping at the village and living as it was in 1812.
Both Saturday and Sunday afternoon they had the American forces raid and
pillage the village, ending at my pottery where they smashed pots (with me
screaming the entire time). Funniest thing is that as they walked in,
muskets pointed at me to ward me off, they asked what pots they were
supposed to break. I said those on the table (all seconds I might add - over
fired, glaze flaws, one had bits from another pot in the glaze). They all
say no not those, they're too nice.
My husband had brought my son out to see the battle on Saturday. He is only
4 and though he comes out to the village with me on occasion in costume, I
thought I couldn't handle looking after him and his sister (9) and doing my
pottery for the public. They were across the green from my studio as all the
chaos occurred. Hubby heard the soldiers plainly saying "no not those...".
He told me afterwards that he sat there and laughed, while other public
around him were gasping as pots hit the concrete floor and shattered into a
million pieces. He had people staring at him like he was some kind of
lunatic (okay he IS but we try not to let that be known publicly *g*).
I had an absolute blast both days and Sunday was even better then Saturday.
It was truly a smashing good time!!

(see there is more to do with pots then just display, sell or give them
Penni Stoddart
of Penelope's Pots
Full Time Education Assistant,
Part Time Potter

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