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August 5th 03, 03:53 AM
Don't know about Duncans but mine is a top loader also (name escapes me at
the moment - brain freeze!). It gets VERY hot when firing and in fact I
burnt a hole through a winter coat sleeve last winter. My old kiln, I could
lift the metal peep hole covers no problem with a pair of oven mitts or a
cloth. Tried it with the new kiln a burnt the sleeve to my finger (ouch). My
kilns are in my garage ( not attached to the house) and the kids are not
allowed in there when they are firing, nor do I work in there. No venting
and the heat!!!!!! Plus I am afraid of burning myself. I have never worried
about extra insulation as they work fine as they are and take about 5 hours
for a ^06 bisque and about 9 or 10 hours for ^6. Cool down in about 12 to 15
hours - still hot but unloadable.

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